Hartford Ct Public Schools Teacher Contract 2020

As the 2020 school year looms, many teachers in the Hartford, CT public school system are eagerly awaiting the finalization of their new contracts. Negotiations between the Hartford Federation of Teachers and the Hartford Board of Education have been ongoing for months, with both sides working hard to come to an agreement that benefits all parties involved.

One of the main issues on the table is compensation. Hartford teachers have long struggled with low pay relative to their peers in other districts, and many have called for significant increases in salary. The union has proposed a multi-year contract with annual raises, while the district has suggested performance-based pay raises tied to evaluations and student achievement.

Another key issue is class size. With many schools in Hartford already overcrowded, teachers have expressed concern about the impact that larger class sizes could have on student learning and teacher workload. The union has called for caps on class sizes and additional support staff, such as paraprofessionals and counselors, to help manage student behavior and provide individualized attention.

The negotiations have also touched on issues such as professional development, teacher evaluations, and school safety. The union has called for increased training opportunities to help teachers better meet the needs of diverse student populations, while the district has proposed changes to the evaluation system that would focus more on student outcomes. Both sides have emphasized the importance of keeping schools safe, with the union calling for more school resource officers and the district proposing additional security cameras and other measures.

Despite the challenges involved in negotiating a new contract, both the union and the district have expressed a commitment to finding common ground and reaching an agreement that works for everyone. As the negotiations continue, teachers in Hartford and their supporters will be watching closely to see what kind of deal emerges and how it will impact the future of public education in the city.